Personalized Door Knockers Casing

Casing of the engraved letters is important on personalized door knockers.

The space available for engraving limits many options normally available.

Casing is the term used to define the difference between capital and small letters. The term casing derives from the printing industry. In the days of manual typesetting for a printing press the letters were stored in drawers called cases. These cases were stored in a typesetting cabinet with the capital letters above the small letters. Thus, the capital letters were in the UPPER CASE and the small letters were in the LOWER CASE.

For our personalized door knockers example below we chose the dimensions of the DK7. This is a smaller door knocker with a relatively low height to width ratio for the engraving area.

We chose the Roman fonts for our example. This font allows us three versions. The MOD version is named because it is the newest or most modern version. This version includes descenders. Descenders have a dramatic affect when the height to width ratio is low such as in the examples below.

DK7 personalized door knockers engraving

RomanMOD engraving sized for a DK7 door knocker. Notice the the descender "y" has affected the entire engraving.

personalized door knockers

RomanULC engraving sized for a DK7 door knocker. The ULC font eliminates the descender and still allows upper and lower case letters.

 All Caps DK7 personalized door knockers

Roman fonts using all upper case sized for a DK7 door knocker. This engraving fills the rectangular space the best.

All three of the examples are filling the same sized engraving area. As you can see the limiting factor is the height of the engraving area in most cases. All three engravings are the maximum size for the area yet each fills it differently.

Not all fonts have descenders. Be sure to look over the images of our fonts to see if your choice may be affected.

All three examples are correct for personalized door knockers. The decision is in how they look. The RomanMOD and the All Caps versions look well proportioned for this purpose. The RomanMOD version is to short to fill the space. I would change it to " The Shayler's " or " Shayler Family " for this door knocker.

Also see Personalized Door Knockers and Personalized Door Knockers Font.

As a general rule I like to follow personalized door knockers are meant to be read.

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