monogrammed door knockers

personalized door knockers using a monogram format

Creating monogrammed door knockers by engraving works well with some styles but not with others.

At times the term monogram or monogramming is confused with the terms engraving or personalization. A monogram is a design or pattern created with letters, usually a persons initials. Engraving and personalization refers to a the process used to place the letters onto the item.

A monogram usually consists of one, two or three letters representing the initials of the name of a person. A monogram differs from initials by the order that the letters are in. A three letter monogram is usually in the order of the first initial, the last initial, and the middle initial. In most cases the middle letter representing the last name is in the center and is the largest letter in the monogram.

The three letters of a monogram combine to make a shape that is relatively short in comparison to the height of the pattern. Therefore a monogram needs an engraving area with adequate height compared to the width of the area. Typically an ideal shape is an oval, a circle or a diamond shape. A long rectangle area does not work well.
circle momogram for monogrammed door knockersdiamond monograminterlocking monogram

The examples above represent our three most common monograms. First is the circle, next the diamond and last the interlocking.

circle momogram DK2 body areacircle momogram DK3 monogrammed door knockersThe circle monogram inside an oval representing a DK2 engraving area pictured at the left of the page. The same monogram is pictures on the right side of the page in an area representing the DK3 body engraving area. A longer rectangular shape like is found on the body of our urn style door knockers does not work as well. The monogram only fills the center of the area and remains small and hard to see. The remainder of the rectangle remains blank and looks empty. Some of these door knockers have an oval area on the clapper that is very well suited for a monogram.

We can engrave these monograms on door knockers if requested. Please make the request in the special instructions area of the order form. You must also be certain to only use 3 letters and they are in the correct order.

We can engrave the body area of an urn style door knocker with what you want and also place a monogram onto the clapper area. Again please give instructions in the special instruction area of the order form.

Monogrammed door knockers are very attractive when done correctly.

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