Brass Door Knocker Foundry Mold

Two molds are required to make our brass door knocker, one for the body and one for the clapper. We will only describe the making of the body portion from here on as both molds are made the same way.

brass door knocker mold flaskThe mold we use in foundry terms is called a flask. The top portion is called the cope and the bottom section is called the drag.

Here we show it open on its side.

Flask sets would be made in a size to match the part being cast.

brass door knocker pattern flask copeThe pattern is carefully placed into the cope with the runner and gates.

A powder is lightly sprinkled over the pattern to prevent the sand sticking to it. The cope is then filled with green sand.

After packing the green sand tightly in the mold using a ram we are ready for the next step.

brass door knocker pattern flask cope with sandThe cope containing the pattern is packed tightly with the green sand and turned over.

Now the pattern is on top facing down. When the mold is done this section will be facing upwards.

brass door knocker pattern flask cope and dragThe drag is placed on the cope and also packed tightly with green sand.

When the mold is completely packed the drag along with the sand contained inside it is removed.

The pattern is taken out and the sprues and vents are cut in.

The cope is then placed onto the drag and the flask is removed.

brass door knocker pattern flask copebrass door knocker mold readyThe flask is opened and removed leaving the completed mold ready to take to the pouring area where we will make the casting for our brass door knocker.

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