Brass Door Knocker Finishing

Right out of the mold our door knockers are rough castings. Each one requires a lot of work to get it ready to be a saleable product.

castings on bench

Getting our raw castings to a form suitable to become a product involves many steps and much work. All remaining gates and sprues must be removed and ground off. All surfaces must be polished and finished. Regardless of what the final product finish will be, all castings are brought to a bright polished brass at this stage.

finishing door knocker back

The back area is important as it becomes the mounting surface. It must be ground flat so the machining operations to come will have a good surface to locate from.

finishing door knocker front

The front surfaces receive a rough finishing to prepare the door knocker for buffing. All molding marks and defects must be removed. The entire surface is brought to a 180 finish or equivalent prior to the buffing operation. Most work is done with a specialized belt sander as shown

filing door knocker

Hand filing is performed throughout the finishing operation to clean up the close areas and remove marks left from the molding process.

This is one of the most important steps as it also involves close visual inspection of the part.

buffing door knocker

The buffing operation is where the casting starts to show its beauty. It also brings out any hidden defects that were not visible until this point. The casting may need to go back to the sanders or to the filing station for more clean up work before returning to the buffer.

When the part has completed this step and passed inspection it is ready for machining and assembly.

machining door knocker

As the casting gets closer to finished the machining operations must be performed. This includes the drilling and tapping of the mounting locations and the drilling of the hinge holes for the clapper.

When the machining is done the body will be assembled to the clapper to make the assembly complete. The assembled door knocker will then go back to the buffer to remove any marks left from the machining process. The finished raw door knocker is then off to the studio to await an order.

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