Brass Door Knocker Foundry Casting

Our brass door knocker is now ready to be cast. The mold has been taken to the pouring area and the furnace is hot.

brass door knocker mold ready to be poured Our mold has been taken out to the pouring area and is ready for the molten brass to be poured into it.

Now we must take a few minutes to get everything ready for the next steps in the process. Pouring hot brass can be very dangerous so we must be ready when the brass is ready.

hot brass in furnace Our brass is getting hot in the crucible in the furnace.

We have to get it up to 1800F to 2000F. When completely melted some chemicals are added to the mix and we will be ready to pour.

At this point we double check to be certain everything is ready. Molten brass is extremely dangerous if not handled properly.

mold poured with brass When everything is in order we are ready to pour. The crucible containing the molten brass is lifted out of the furnace and taken to the mold. The molten brass is poured from the crucible into the mold.

When the brass has been poured into the sand mold filling the cavity we can rest a bit while everything cools down.

brass door knocker casting When the mold has cooled enough to be handled it is taken back to the mold bench and broken down.

The sand is carefully chipped away revealing the casting inside.

The sand is reconditioned and used again.

finished brass door knocker casting with sprues and gates Here is our casting complete with gates and sprues ready to be taken to the finishing shop. There the sprues and gates will be removed. The entire piece will be polished to the finish needed.

The processed in the foundry are now completed for this casting and our brass door knocker is one step closer to being ready.

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