Finishes for Brass Door Knockers

Engraved brass door knockers provides excellent value.
Brass casts easily and with great detail. It also offers good weather resistance and durability.

The excellent electrical properties of brass allows superior nickel and copper electroplating processes. This in combination with the oxidation properties of the alloy creates many finishing opportunities.

Our studio includes complete in-house nickel and copper electroplating facilities custom designed for our brass door knockers.

Using our electroplating facility in combination with our metal finishing we custom produce popular finished brass door knockers one at a time.

DK2 polished brass door knockersDK3 satin brass door knockersDK8 pewter finished brass door knockersDK9 VB finished brass door knockers

Brass machines easily. This provides a good medium for engraving. The surface cuts cleanly to provide remarkable clear lines when engraved. This is especially important on a door knocker.

It is important that the engraving is performed as part of the finishing process. This prevents the engraving process from damaging the finish and allowing tarnish or degradation to occur over time.

Clear UV and weather resistant lacquer specifically formulated to protect and preserve the luster of brass surfaces is applied as the final stage of processing to prevent weathering and tarnishing.

Brass door knockers that are engraved after the weather resistant layer is applied will expose the underlying brass to the elements. This invites tarnish and corrosion in the engraved area that will undermine the surrounding areas. Soon the entire surface is an unsightly mess.

Quality brass door knockers must start out as a high quality brass castings. Each is then individually finished and engraved one at time from start to finish. Polishing, engraving, plating, oxidation and lacquering operations are all performed in our studio on an as ordered basis.

An alloy of copper and zinc, brass provides many properties beneficial to casting and machining processes. The percentage of each material in the alloy has a direct bearing on the quality and appearance of the finished product.

Without getting technical, as a general rule increasing (within reason) the copper content in the brass creates a more malleable alloy that polishes, machines and is engraved with better results. It is important for a door knocker to have a good cosmetic appearance, only quality materials be used. This is important because some manufacturers will use poor brass alloys to lessen the cost of the product.

Engraved brass door knockers are a practical home improvement.

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