Thinking of a home improvement.

Home improvements come in many degrees. They can be as complex as a complete residing of the house or as simple as adding a door knocker to your front door. A door knocker can be one of the easiest, least costly and most effective home improvements available for your home. Of all the hardware used on your home, the door knocker is the most noticeable. Located at the entry exactly at eye level, it is just waiting to greet those approaching. A good looking door knocker can improve the appearance of your entire home.

Door knockers are chosen for different reasons. You may want an ornament to decorate your door. On the other hand you may want a functional noise making door knocker capable of alerting you that someone is at the door, Then again you may want both, a door knocker that is both beautiful and functional. This is the choice usually taken.

The hardware on your front door will be one of a variety of options from cast metal to steel and stainless steel to brass and copper. Each of these has the ability to be finished uniquely. Finding the one that best matches your tastes can be quite a challenge with all of the options out there. As a general rule all the hardware on a doorway should match, that is, be of the same style and finish.

If you are shopping for a door knocker to add to an existing doorway the first thing to do is to identify the finish on the other hardware on the door. Then you can shop for a matching or close to matching finish so the new addition will look like it has always been there.

You should also check the type of door you are mounting the door knocker onto. Modern doors are made by many methods. Some are still solid wood while many others are hollow core. These type of doors have skins of metal or fiberglass and are filled with an insulation material to protect from the elements.

The type of doors will have a bearing on what type of mounting should be used for the door knocker. A surface mount door knocker will have screws that pass through the door knocker and thread into the door. This type of mounting should only be used on all wood doors. The second mounting method is "Through The Door" mounting. This method uses hardware that passes completely through the door and fastens on the inside. This type of mounting can be used on virtually any door.

The door knocker presents a very economical method to improve your homes appearance while also offering the added benefit of functionality.
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