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Option For Our Through The Door Mounting Hardware

rosette inside the door hardware
appearance inside the door
rosette with acorn nut

standard inside the door hardware
Standard Hardware
appearance inside the door
acorn nut with washer

The rosettes are used on the inside of the door to make a through the door installation more attractive. Typically two are used per door knocker. One for each mounting point.

Available only with the purchase of our door knockers using the through the door mounting method.

Rosettes are finished to match the door knocker they are purchased with.

Each rosette is approximately 1-1/8" in diameter by approximately 3/16" thick. They are used along with our standard through the door mounting package as a decorative replacement for the flat washer.

Besides being attractive, rosettes can also be very handy when replacing an existing door knocker. At times the holes through the door from the previous door knocker do not exactly match the new door knocker. If the difference is 3/8" or less the holes through the door can be enlarged or elongated to make the new door knocker fit. The rosette can cover an elongated or enlarged hole on the inside of the door while the door knocker itself covers it on the outside.

The bolt center dimension of all our door knockers can be found on our Door Knocker Comparison page.

Our door knockers are supplied with standard mounting hardware at no additional charge.

Rosettes are not part of the standard mounting hardware package.

There is an additional charge of $6.50 if rosettes are added.

This will be added to the cost of the door knocker automatically when the Through Door w/Rosettes mounting option is selected.

This selection is made while checking out in the shopping cart when choosing mounting methods.