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Brass Engraved Plates

Engraved Brass Plates for Indoor or Outdoor Use.

Available in many finishes.

Use as Door Name Plates, Address Plates, Welcome Messages or Information Plates. Also works great for memorial plates and label plates.

Cast from solid brass, hand finished and engraved in our own studio for fast turn around.

Engraved plate prices include engraving.

BEP625T2 $38.95
6" x 2-1/4" Ornamental Brass Engraved Plate

BEP35OV $38.95
5" x 3" Oval Engraving Plate

BEP26REC $38.95
2" x 6" Rectangle Engraving Plate

BEP24ORN $38.95
4-1/2" x 2-3/4" Ornamental Engraving Plate

BEP635ROPE $38.95
5-7/8" x 3-3/8" Rectangular Roped Engraving Plate

BEP38OV $46.95
8" x 3" Oval Engraving Plate

BEP28REC $46.95
2" x 8" Rectangle Engraving Plate

BEP312NUM $64.95
3" x 12" Engraved number plaque

Our brass engraved plates are professionally personalized in-house.

We engrave our name plates as part of the finishing operation. This means that the plate is engraved prior to the lacquer finish coating so the entire plate is protected.

Your engraved plate can hold up to four lines of engraving. As always, the more engraving the smaller the letters get so it is best to keep your message as brief as possible.

Our engraved brass plates are supplied complete with engraving and two brass wood screws finished to match the engraved plates.

Our door name plates can be used for many purposes. Their most common use is on the front door of a residence displaying either the address or the name of the occupants.

The engraving possibilities are endless. While these plates offer ample engraving area there are limitations that can affect the final product.

In general, the more engraving you want on your plate, the simpler the font should be. Fancier fonts like the scripts, Tango and English can be hard to read if a lot of words are placed in a small area.

If your requirement is for a many words on the plate the better font choice would be the Romans or Helveticas. These fonts are easier to read and recognized by more people.

If your requirement is to place a few words on the plate any of the font choices will work well.

Engraving is not like a printer printing on a page where great amounts of contrast can be achieved. Engraving fonts are made up of unfilled letters that are formed with lines. The contrast of these lines is not that of black ink on white paper.

Engraved lines are visible on brass because the lines forming the letters changes the way light is reflected off of the surface. The color of the brass is the same where the engraving is and where it is not. The difference is that light is reflected at different angles due the cutting of the surface during the engraving process. This is what makes the letters visible.

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